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Woman, 39, found dead in home as police arrest man on suspicion of murder

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a 39-year-old woman was found dead at a home in east London. Police said the body was discovered at a

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Michelle Waterson vs. Amanda Ribas targeted for UFC 257

Amanda Ribas is getting another high-profile bout in the octagon as the strawweight talent agrees to battle Michelle Waterson at UFC 257 on Jan. 23, multiple people with knowledge of

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Your favorite music can send your brain into a pleasure overload

We all know that moment when we’re in the car, at a concert or even sitting on our sofa and one of our favorite songs is played. It’s the one

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Hollywood firm to build £300m film and TV studio in Dagenham

Production complex will create 1,200 jobs and contribute £35m a year to east London economy A US property developer that owns studios where films including Gone with the Wind and

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The Freewrite Traveler is a retro word processor that’s fatally ahead of its time

Gadget crowdfunding is great for fulfilling niche demands. Most people, for instance, would never buy a $599 Wi-Fi-enabled typewriter. But in 2016, a Detroit-based startup called Astrohaus proved that not

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Huge spider assumed extinct spotted in UK for first time in 25 years

One of the UK’s largest and most endangered spiders has been spotted for the first time in more than 25 years. The great fox-spider is listed as “critically endangered” and

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